Creating Music With Substance

Arika Kane
Every once in a while I like to let all of you know about the music in my digital library. Of course, like most music non-specific genre bloggers, I listen to a wide variety of music. It is necessary in order to provide the best commentary possible. However, many ask me what type of music, or artists, I choose for my individual listening pleasure. Well, my listening habits still tend to be quite varied, but I do have my favorites. One artist that has found her way into my listening preference is Arika Kane. Not to be confused with Erica Kane, the character portrayed by Susan Lucci on the soap opera All My Children. (I’m sure some of you reading may not be old enough to know what I’m talking about)
Arika Kane, a Connecticut native, sailed into the music industry in 2009 with her debut single “Bcuz I Luv U,” garnering mainstream attention and a multitude of fans. Releasing her self-titled debut album in 2010, Arika quickly landed on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart with the breakthrough, platinum-selling single “Here with Me.” Arika Kane’s brand new masterpiece Thru The Veil released on October 24th 2014 and is available for download now. The album has quickly become one of my favorites. In fact, I remember toward the beginning of the year the album was receiving serious consideration for a Grammy nomination. It prompted me to do something I very rarely do. I sent a tweet to Arika stating that “after listening to Thru The Veil, I understand the Grammy buzz. Much success!”
It was at that moment I knew I would feature Arika Kane at some point in the future. We are now in the future. After my introduction to Arika Kane music by way of Thru The Veil, I began to seek out Arika’s previous albums. After listening to Substance and then the self-titled Arika Kane, they all made their way into my personal listening library. Usually, when I download an album, I tend to eventually locate favorite songs that will make me skip other non-favorites. With Arika’s albums I found myself really listening to the entire collections, each and every song over and over again. Normally, when I come across an artist who consistently creates great music, I realize there is a formula for such artistic endeavors. Therefore, I first look into the development from home.
The daughter of talented musicians, Arika was exposed to the music business at an early age. Both parents held full-time jobs to support the family while performing on the weekends. Arika quickly developed a passion for music and began singing at 10-years-old. She credits her family as the driving force behind her decision to pursue music. “My parents taught me the joy of music from an early age,” she explains. “Without their encouragement and support, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” Parental influence is a common thread among musicians, but two parents who happen to be musicians must create a greater haven for artistic development. Of course no parent should force a child to do anything they may not enjoy. Two parents with a common interest and love does leave an indelible mark on any child’s consciousness.
Another factor in creating consistent music is how well the songs are crafted. Arika says. “My music focuses on women in a positive light. It speaks to every age and culture because it relates to real human emotions, whether it be life, love or struggle,” she continues. “I want to connect with people with heartfelt and timeless songs they can relate to.” Most musicians strive to make such a connection with an audience, but for Arika Kane this is how she makes it work. In today’s world of the fast hit it is refreshing to hear of a musician striving to make timeless songs. There are tremendous benefits when the artist is involved in the songwriting process, especially the lyrics. It really helps the artist express the feeling of the song.
A third factor in making such great albums has to be the production. Interestingly, Arika Kane is signed to an independent record label, BSE Recordings. In 2005 she began pursuing her musical career and started performing in local venues in Connecticut and New York City. In fall 2008 a music producer introduced her to music executives at Stratford, CT-based BSE Recordings. She signed with the label in 2009 and began working on her debut album. I never met BSE Recordings CEO Lou Humphrey, but he has been described as a well-spoken proponent of music education. He, and his team have been a constant force behind the music of Arika Kane. Together they all seem to provide a steady hand toward each album, helping me understand why I don’t skip songs and listen to the albums in entirety.
At 29 years old, Arika Kane is at a point in her career that I really love to see and hear. The combination of age and experience combine to make her a very good adult artist. Her bio ends with the wonderful words describing her musical goals:

I am proud of the message my music delivers. I am determined to go against the grain of today’s industry and create songs that people will remember for a lifetime.  Music is the bedrock of my existence. Music with meaning, music with Substance and I am obligated to make sure that happens. My goal as an artist is to create the art of freedom & expression that the world can relate to in an authentic way and to also bring ” soul ” back into mainstream music.

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  1. Thanks for the intro to Arika Kane. I wasn't aware of her although I do remember her “Bcuz I Luv U,” though I didn't know the name of the singer. Love this duet. The guy singing with her is great.

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