Mikkey Halsted, You’re Next!

If you have been a follower of the Weekly Music Commentary for several months, you most likely know that I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. For sure Chicago gets a great deal of negative attention because of the high murder and crime rate, but still I will forever consider it my home. I never shy away from the fact that I grew up in a poor household, that my family did not own a car until my pre-teen years. I identify with a myriad of artists whom also had similar beginnings, and not unlike myself embrace those character building humble foundations. Mikkey Halsted is relatively new on the hip hop scene but he also lays bare his Chicago roots in much of his music.

 I use the word relative here because Mikkey comes through a very familiar hip hop tree in Chicago from Kanye West in the beginning to renowned Chicago producers No ID and The Legendary Traxster. In between he worked with fellow Chicago rapper Twista, and also had a stint working with Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records. Therefore, in Chicago “Money Making Mikk” as Halsted is also known, has developed a large following. However, Mikkey Halsted’s new album, Castro, is creating a major buzz and just may push this talented artist into the world hip hop scene. Even before the release many thought Castro would be exceptional because No ID and Traxster were involved in the production. Now that Castro has dropped no one is disappointed. In fact, Castro seems to be the next step in Halsted’s progression as a hip hop artist. I have been listening to Mikkey Halsted for some time and his earlier recordings caught my attention because I could identify with his theme. For certain I know quite well his geographical references to Chicago south side locations. However, I believe most people who grew up under similar circumstances will understand and appreciate what Halsted is rapping about, even though not ever living in Chicago. Mikkey Halsted is like so many of the socially conscious rappers of this generation, a group which includes Common and Lupe Fiasco. When Halsted raps it is like he is sitting down and having a conversation with you about struggles we all face in life. His crisp, very clear style of rapping has brought him this far, and should take him to the next level. Mikkey Halsted now stands ready to stand and deliver performances next to some of the top hip hop artists of today.  Get ready for your shot at the big time Mikkey Halsted, you’re next!

8 thoughts on “Mikkey Halsted, You’re Next!

  1. I think its very cool you're aiming to further expose and give positive reviews for someone you believe in. Seems like he's really starting to rise up in the rap game, especially with someone as well known as Twista being featured in his song. Great commentary and loved when you said "character building humble foundations." Makes him very relatable and hopefully more people will become fans!

  2. I;m not sure if you are a fan of rap music or not. However, you might enjoy some of Mikkey Halsted's other music videos on you tube. Thanks you for reading and please keep following Weekly Music Commentary.

  3. I came to know only of Mikkey Halsted from your post. Based on your description, I like him already.

    There are very few artists, who could sing in a certain theme meaningfully, just like Mikkey.

    Kudos to him!

  4. I live in New Orleans so I have some exposure to living in a city that's known for its crime. I didn't grow up here, but I see how the soul of the city is engrained in everything here. The roots of a soulful city such as New Orleans and Chicago should never be chopped off… they're something to be proud of! Great video and song

  5. I love music I just about every form. It always pleased me to see a new talent come to the forefront to be showcase in some way. I did enjoy the video and wish Mikkey Halsted great success. 🙂

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