Here Comes Jill Scott!

A couple of weeks ago as I was driving north along I-95 going to Fort Lauderdale, I looked up at a very bright billboard announcing a Jill Scott concert November 2nd at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida. I admit this concert news is exciting because R&B, and more specifically Neo Soul artists, rarely make stops in South Florida. Regardless, Jill Scott will be performing here very soon. After viewing that billboard I started to reminisce about all the music and acting in both film and television found in Jill Scott’s biography. I particularly remembered a short-lived HBO television series “The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency”.  Based and filmed in Botswana, the series was one of the fine examples showcasing Scott’s acting ability. My wife was first to notice the show but then it quickly became one of my favorites too.

 Jill Scott’s current album, “The Light of the Sun” was released last summer and is her fourth studio album. The album debuted at number 1 on the Billboard US 200 and became Jill Scott’s first number one album. Ms. Scott is not just making an appearance in concert on her current tour. She also will be starring in the remake of the 1989 film “Steel Magnolias” which will premier on the Lifetime channel. Jill Scott is also scheduled to appear this season in one of my favorite television shows “Fringe”. Therefore when I make the statement here comes Jill Scott; I mean she approaches from several directions.  However, when you look at Scott’s entire career, you do hear her music in addition to the important roles in television and movies.  Like so many of today’s star musicians, Jill Scott possesses the acting talent needed to easily cross over and do so effectively.

With all the discussion about Jill Scott’s acting ability, last week I made sure to listen to her album again. While listening I was reminded of a statement one of my friends made about her music. He said Jill Scott makes music for “grown folks“. I understood exactly what he meant; her lyrics and songs deal with mature subject matter. Not explicit, but music that addresses problems and situations persons deal with in adult life, unlike much of the music targeting teenagers and young adults.  With that being said, Jill Scott’s audience does contain younger fans as her album contains rap and hip-hop elements.  Once again, here comes Jill Scott. And it does not matter if you happen to see her in concert, in the movie Steel Magnolias, or the TV series Fringe, she will be there performing exceptionally.

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