Young and Ready for Everything!

Brianna Perry

I am closing in on completing my 100th blog post and the experience has been fantastic. I have developed an editorial calendar that I follow closely most of the time with the exception of music news items that arise suddenly. This week I chose to feature up and coming Miami hip hop artist Brianna Perry. At only twenty years old Brianna appears to be a very new artist to the scene, but even though young in years she has over ten years of industry experience.  Believe it, this young rapper had a start at nine years old and was basically raised with much of Miami’s hip hop royalty as a guide. Trina, Rick Ross, Trick Daddy and others were a part of her young years and now Brianna Perry is poised to make her own musical way to success. Over the past several weeks I have been gathering information about Brianna Perry in preparation for this weeks’ blog post.  After reviewing interviews and much of her material I easily came to the conclusion that Ms. Perry is a very talented performer, but also balanced and down to earth. When you see and hear her speak about her career it appears she is patient and cognizant of the fact she has many years of performing in her future.  Nevertheless, I found myself researching Brianna as a parent. Many parents would be concerned about their daughters in constant company with hip hop musicians. However, Brianna Perry gives us a picture of the artists and executives at Poe Boy Music Group as just people who are concerned about the well-being of a friend and young woman.  I have a daughter about the same age as Brianna Perry and my hope is that she surrounds herself with friends who really care about her. It would appear Brianna has such a situation in a place where most would not expect: her record label.  Just the same, it is good to hear an artist express happiness with her record company.  Even though Brianna Perry is not a household name she is gaining industry notice after a BET award nomination this year and a mix tape gaining national notice. She also just completed filming a major motion picture, “Must be the Music” directed by and starring Charles Dutton.  With all of these great events in her young life Brianna remains a college student at the University of Miami keeping a fallback plan in place. There is a question asked to many young people: what will you do in ten years? My goodness, if you are Brianna Perry how do you answer that question? Maybe I’ll be making millions starring in films and/or music? Perhaps working as an executive at a major record label? All are possibilities but we will wait and see. For now, if you never heard the name Brianna Perry, keep listening. I feel you may be hearing a lot about her in the future.

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  1. Edward – Interesting post… I am just starting out with my blogs, so I enjoy reading those posts where people have found a true niche. Hip Hop artists do get a poor reputation at times, but I have a guy that works with me that is as down to earth and real as you describe Brittany as being! Thank you for sharing, and I will be reading more!

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