Not Really a Comeback

Anita Baker

Last week brought fantastic news for Anita Baker fans. She will be releasing a new album and start another tour very soon. My wife is a big fan and I really appreciate her music as well. We were both so happy to hear that the eight-time Grammy award winning vocalist would soon release new music. Baker’s interview and performance on “Good Morning America” displayed a happy, confident singer ready to have fun creating music again. My wife and I were very happy to see her with such a wonderful disposition. Anita Baker has gone through a multitude of well documented health-related problems and way too public divorce hearings. In fact, we have missed two concerts over the years because Anita Baker was forced to cancel her performances. As my wife really welcomed the idea of Baker’s new tour I approached the news with guarded optimism. It was great that Anita Baker felt ready to promote new material but I thought the promoter should be careful not to schedule any back-to-back shows.  Moreover, care might be given to the number of concerts scheduled for the fifty-four year old entertainer. There is no reason to push her into fatigue and then possible illness. As I viewed the upcoming dates for Anita’s concerts it would seem that some of my thoughts are her camp’s collective feelings likewise.  Right now all looks good for Anita Baker’s tour this fall and I hope this time my wife and I get a chance to see her. That being said I have a hard time calling this new music and tour a comeback effort. Baker has been performing and recording at times since 2008.  However, this is her first major album release and tour in quite a few years.  Is there a ninth Grammy award in Anita Baker’s future? Let’s wait, listen and then we will see. For now all of Anita Baker’s fans are very happy to have more of her music.

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