Watching As History Is Made


As many of you are reading this post, history will more than likely have been made at the 2012 Grammy Awards. Young and extremely talented singer Adele is nominated in six categories and is expected to win all six awards. The nominations alone are quite a feat considering Adele is only twenty-three years old and only in the music business since 2006.  Yes Adele Laurie Blue Adkins originally from Tottenham, North London England has arrived on the largest of music stages ready for a celebration. A 2006 demo posted to her MySpace page led to a phone call from XL Recordings and the rest is history – a short musical history. However, Adele’s relatively brief time in the business has been extremely successful.  All of us are viewing and hearing something special. Why? I think Adele is creating music that audiences of various backgrounds all around the world are growing to love. You might say the same of any successful musical artist but Adele’s music on the charts is nothing short of phenomenal. Earlier in the year she had two top five singles and two top five albums in the charts at the same time. The last time that was done was 1964 by The Beatles. Can you believe it, her popularity has led to her being mentioned in the same sentence as The Beatles. That is a major step for any performer let alone someone who started a little over five years ago.  Although Adele has risen at light speed to the top, she had also had some adversity. In October 2011 she had to cut her tour short because of a vocal chord hemorrhage. It was necessary for her to rest her voice and not risk permanent damage. She is scheduled to perform at the Grammy Awards for the first time since her surgery.  We all hope that she will be okay. I really feel like we are witnessing the tip of the iceberg.  Adele should give us a lot more music – and more awards.

Sadly we heard of the news of Whitney Houston’s death just before publishing this week’s post. It had to be mentioned because she was such a major star in the music industry. Just a few weeks ago we profiled her in a blog post so she was considered a friend of the Weekly Music Commentary. Whitney Houston will truly be missed by millions the world over. 

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