Timeless music and more

I remember several years ago having a discussion with my father about Beatles songs.  Though my father was a jazz musician, he loved many of the songs written by McCartney and Lennon, always pointing out the fantastic song structure that makes much of their library highly sought after for recording and performance by artists of all genres. My dad helped me to realize that Beetles songs were timeless; meaning their music would more than likely be popular forever. But last week the USA Today reported that a Beatles anti-segregation contract from 1965 sold for $23,000. The Beatles requested in the contract not to perform in front of a segregated audience in the Cow Palace in Daly City, CA. I’m not surprised at the price tag on the contract because it is a historical document. However, I am pleasantly surprised at the stand taken by these young men from Liverpool.  The story also stated that the Beatles refused to play the Gator Bowl in 1964 because the audience would be segregated.  As I read this story I wondered what motivated them to force desegregated performances. Perhaps these young men were socially and politically ahead of their time as well as musically. The Beatles awareness of world issues was well documented throughout the years and here, they tackled the civil rights issue in the US.  From now on we will hear Beatles songs on radio stations everywhere, doctors’ offices, elevators and more. But the Beetles impact on our social consciousness will be timeless.

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