What’s the future of the Broadway Musical?

Just a few weeks ago I watched the movie “Rent”. Yes I am very late only because I’ve never really been a big fan of musical theater. Sure, like most people I do like musicals simply because at the root of it all is: music. But “Rent” came and was successful without me really noticing it. Broadway always seemed like it was thousands of miles away from me. And when I moved to Florida and went to college it truly was thousands of miles away. But my studies never really included that part of musical entertainment. But I must say that “Rent” is a great work. What was more impressive was the life of it’s creator Jonathan Larson. A young man who had a vision of bringing the world of musical theater and the MTV generation together. “Rent” successfully merged the two worlds of music. And the movie helped a larger audience to make it a major event. I hope this musical inspires more composers to attempt more efforts like this one.

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