“This Is Who I Am”

Melanie Fiona

It is wonderful to watch an artist grow and become special. The first recording usually is not material the artist chooses themselves. Most of the time the first album is a compilation of music to which the artist may have no personal connection. Then after meeting successful sales, the company may give the artist more power to make musical decisions. At that point, we find out a little more about the singer as a person, and their experiences. Such is the case with Melanie Fiona the twenty-eight year old songstress from Toronto. Later in the week, she will release her second album, “The MF Life.” In an interview for The Huffington Post she said, “The first album was definitely about paying homage and respect to what inspires me, and this album is more carved out to who I am and what I’ve been through as an artist — and as a woman“. After hearing some of the clips from the album, I was very impressed and I am really anticipating that this will be one of my favorite MP3 albums for sure. In addition, we had the duet with Cee Lo Green (Fool for you} that brought in two Grammy awards and Melanie Fiona has become a very noticeable entertainer. In the interview, Melanie spoke of Whitney Houston. She said,” Whitney Houston’s voice was the very first voice I fell in love with. She was the voice that made me want to become a singer”. Melanie Fiona’s regret is that she never met Whitney Houston. I am sorry that did not happen because Fiona, like Houston, also possesses a “special” voice. What will come next for Melanie Fiona? Well, the album will be released on March 20, and then her concert tour. How popular will “The MF Life” become? We will see but I think this album could really start to set Fiona apart from many of the other female vocalists. One thing for sure, we are starting to find out who Melanie Fiona is musically. Remember what she said, “this album is more carved out to who I am”. Indeed it is!

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