Lalah Hathaway

A hit song will make some money, but a talented musician will make a career. If you think about that statement for a moment, you will realize it is so true. Talent is always on display when Lalah Hathaway is on stage or recording. Some may know a few facts about Lalah. She is the daughter of the late, great Donnie Hathaway. After five solo albums and countless compilation recordings she is a seasoned recording artist, a Berklee School of Music graduate and she is another great musician from my hometown of Chicago, Illinois. However, even after critical acclaim from the music community at large and several other brilliant artist with whom she has collaborated, Lalah Hathaway still flies somewhat under the radar. When speaking with others about many of the R & B female vocalist of our time her name is not mentioned too early in the conversation. In fact, as I listened to Hathaway’s new album as research for this blog, I mentioned to a friend that I was reviewing her new music. My friend knows Lalah is a singer but he is not familiar with her music. Hopefully, this blog entry will enlighten my friend and many of you not too familiar with Lalah Hathaway music. By the way, the album is a fantastic collection of songs and musicianship. As I listened to “Where it all begins” my first thought was: “this is how to put together an album“.  The choice of songs, arrangements, studio musicians and producers all just fit well to make the album a cohesive listening experience. Please make sure you give “Where it all begins” a listen and broaden your personal library of music. Remember, hit songs make money, but talented musicians make careers. Lalah Hathaway has a great career that is still going strong.

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