Sometimes it doesn’t work

A couple of weeks ago the entertainment world was shocked yet again by another celebrity divorce. Yes, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony made a public announcement of their divorce. Now all that is left is the speculation of why the power couple is breaking up. Normally I would never write about something as personal as a divorce, but I made an exception this time because I viewed their marriage as one that would work. Almost as soon as the news became widely known, everyone tried to figure out which one strayed. I am not concerned about who is to blame. However, I write this week because I really like Marc Anthony. Always candid, honest and humble in interviews, his performances are fantastic. J-Lo is a very talented all-around entertainer herself and I admire her work. Nevertheless, I still wonder, after seven years of marriage and two children, what went wrong? When Anthony and Lopez announced their engagement, I really thought their marriage was going to last a while because they had similar backgrounds. I thought Anthony and Lopez really had a lot to talk about like performing, family, past experiences and more. Maybe their common ground was the glue that made it all last for seven years, which is an eternity by Hollywood standards. In the end, maybe the time apart was more likely the killer of their relationship. The American Idol gig keeps J-Lo working quite a bit. Added to that work is a new album containing some good dance tracks, not to mention Anthony’s major recording career. The couple had also signed on to do a new reality show searching for top Latin talent for an extravaganza. I am not sure what will happen with that idea. A recent interview in Vanity Fair where J-Lo talked about the divorce quoted her as saying, “Sometimes it doesn’t work”. In the end, I guess that is true.

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