Kris Kelli Navigates New Musical Territory

Kris Kelli new territory

When I started publishing Weekly Music Commentary I had an idea that I would seek music of all styles from popular musicians all around the world. At the time I never imagined how much music I would be able to feature. In recent years I began to fully comprehend what Weekly Music Commentary really means. This week once again I have an opportunity to present an artist blazing a new musical trail: Kris Kelli.

Many great musical artists have called Jamaica home. When speaking of Jamaica and music the first name that comes to mind is Bob Marley. Known in every corner of the world, Marley was a true ambassador of reggae music. In fact, if anyone asked me I would have thought the first Jamaican musician featured in Weekly Music Commentary might be Marley, or another artist from the Wailers like Peter Tosh or Bunny Wailer. Of course there are modern artists who have been influenced by reggae in various forms. However, I decided to feature an artist on the rise with something new.

Kris Kelli is certainly not new to musical entertainment. I got a chance to listen to some of her older material and realized she is quite seasoned as an entertainer. She decided to move to the U.S. to bring her music  to a broader audience. Kris Kelli arrived in Atlanta from her native Jamaica in 2011. The past years have been spent developing a sound that pairs her West Indian roots with her aspirations in the genres of pop and hip hop, making appearances and establishing a strong brand that help her build upon a successful career.

Why Atlanta? If you are coming from Jamaica to the US to further a music career: New York, Los Angeles or even Miami might be a great choice. Atlanta has provided Kelli the base she needs to launch her fresh brand of music. Atlanta has also given Kris Kelli help with the business part of the music industry. With the expertise of BlockHouse/Block Entertainment Atlanta music mogul Russell “Block” Spencer, Kris Kelli is fearlessly navigating new musical territory and establishing roots in the Atlanta community which she now considers her second home.

Kris Kelli has also reaped benefits from working with mogul Rick Ross and his MMG Digital label. As I listen to her music it is easy to understand that she is in good hands. She has a management group that believes in the music she is creating. In fact, Rick Ross is featured on Kelli’s hit single Me and You. The two enjoy a wonderful chemistry in the recording that may be the first of more collaborations. She affectionately calls him the “big belly rude boy.”

I listened to the EP 3rd World Problem several weeks ago, and I certainly enjoyed the entire recording. If you are a fan of music from Jamaica, you should enjoy the fresh musical feel on all the songs. I think the EP might be better received by those unfamiliar with Kris Kelli. That’s why her choice of Atlanta as a base might have been a great decision. The R & B listeners should easily gravitate toward Kris Kelli without much critical judgement. So far, Kris Kelli has been well received after her move to the US.

I got an opportunity to view a couple of interviews with Kris Kelli as well. She is a very likable, confident young artist who is at ease speaking about her music and her future musical course. Kelli seems to be that kind of entertainer who is always well-prepared when it’s time to perform. She delivers an electrifying stage show that certainly will make her one of the most desired live performances of our day.

The First Lady of Blockhouse/Block Entertainment is one of the hardest working women in the industry. She maintains high-profile partnerships with global companies like Ciroc, and also has her own Non-Profit organization called “Warriors’ Path” dedicated to empowering the youth while sharing her musical gift in the studio and on stage. Kris Kelli’s work ethic, raw talent and experiences are setting her up to takeover coveted spots in the music world.

Kris Kelli, “The Queen of Dutty Pop” is definitely an emerging star. I am waiting to hear how her music will evolve in the years to come. My guess is that because of her alliance with Rick Ross and MMG Digital, she will work with a variety of artists, rappers and R & B singers, and her audience will grow larger. I think more diverse producers will reach out to work with Kelli, and that will also broaden her appeal. Will she grow to become a big, international superstar? I can’t say for sure. No one can foresee that. Kris Kelli is certainly in the right place to make it happen.

For now we can all watch the music videos, listen to the songs as Kris Kelli creates a fresh sound for a waiting audience. Pay attention as she navigates new musical territory.

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