Remembering a Jazz Legend

Recently, as I was traveling with my family, I got an opportunity to listen to a jazz music radio station on satellite radio. Jazz Trumpeter Terence Blanchard was playing a classic jazz piece and needless to say, it was enjoyable. He’s a wonderful artist that not many persons know outside of the jazz community. ButRead More

Music and Drugs: A Bad Marriage

Over the past week I have had several conversations about musicians and drug use. I will not name any individuals or group and their involvement. But the conversations were interesting nonetheless. A few years ago I published a newsletter article submitted by a young lady who had first hand knowledge of musician friends of hersRead More

Try a Sample….Please!

Recently my mind wandered back in time to some of my music production work in the mid-1980‘s. Electronics were really starting to take over the industry. In fact, much of the productions I worked on my own were completely digitally recorded. That’s quite a feat for me. You see, I was one of those collegeRead More

Do you like……?

When those three words come before a talented musicians’ name, you may be involved in a heated discussion upon your answer. Yes, most people have personal preferences when it comes down to music. I love the era in which we live that affords us such a wide array of choices. I’m no different than anyoneRead More

The Art of the Interview

Two weeks ago we discussed the topic of Erykah Badu’s new video and public nudity, and mentioned if it was simply about promotion. I mentioned in that blog entry a previous discussion I had with a management company executive about control over an artist. The exec told me she really must have control over anyRead More

Going to Hollywood!

Alright everyone! I finally get the chance to write a blog entry dedicated to the rappers. I think many of you will enjoy this one too! As I watch many movies, even those I find in my own small library of DVD’s owned, I find several rappers with major acting roles within feature films. ThereRead More