What’s next?

Well, I’m back again for a while. I just took a short trip back to Chicago to do a little research for a book I’m writing. It was great to be back with family and friends. The city has changed even more and looks fantastic. I spent a great deal of time with my cousin’sRead More

Remembering the Vision

Last week was the one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. And while so many people listened to his music and watched his videos and remembered them in their own way, I sat down and watched “The Jackson’s – An American Dream”. This was a great movie that told their story starting with Joe and KatherineRead More

The New Radio Game

The radio game has sure changed within the past few years. I had a moment of reflection about my time promoting records and realized what has happened. The game used to be to take a recording around to radio stations and sell the program director that the song will hit. Then he would act interestedRead More

Any More Supergroups?

Earlier in the week I was listening to the radio and heard something Ozzy Osborne said that was interesting. He recently worked with Slash, ex-guitarist of Guns n Roses. Ozzy stated if he had the chance he would tell Slash, “Man you guys were great, (Guns n Roses) you could have been as big asRead More

Is This the End?

We’ll I took a week off and now I come back with another entry about American Idol. Oh-oh! This must be a slow music news week. Not really, but there is some interest as the season came to a close. Not because Lee Dewyze won but because Simon Cowell said his farewell. That leaves theRead More