Musical Theater of Life!

As I sit here writing this blog entry I was recently forced to remember my high school days. You see, because of advancements in technology, I’ve been able to contact many of my high school, and in some cases, grade school classmates from the past. Reflecting on life back then has been wonderful; a welcomedRead More

What’s next?

Well, I’m back again for a while. I just took a short trip back to Chicago to do a little research for a book I’m writing. It was great to be back with family and friends. The city has changed even more and looks fantastic. I spent a great deal of time with my cousin’sRead More

Remembering the Vision

Last week was the one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. And while so many people listened to his music and watched his videos and remembered them in their own way, I sat down and watched “The Jackson’s – An American Dream”. This was a great movie that told their story starting with Joe and KatherineRead More

The New Radio Game

The radio game has sure changed within the past few years. I had a moment of reflection about my time promoting records and realized what has happened. The game used to be to take a recording around to radio stations and sell the program director that the song will hit. Then he would act interestedRead More