Short Hot Summer

Playing music in a band is fun. There is no question about that. If you ever played music in a large band, or small outfit, I’m sure you enjoyed you’re experience. However, once your group takes the step toward making money, the fun can quickly turn to a job. Yes, it is possible that oneRead More

This Is Tink!

At last! Finally! Those are the words I uttered as this week approached. I have watched my calendar for weeks and now I would work on a post I’ve anticipated for a while. This week I am featuring Chicago rapper and singer/songwriter Tink. I have followed her young career for a couple of years, realizingRead More

Welcome Back Jill Scott!

Five years ago, I took advantage of an opportunity to feature great neo-soul artist Jill Scott. She was making a concert appearance here in South Florida that created a lot of excitement. March is the month that marks the annual Jazz in the Gardens event. It is a festival that features the best in today’sRead More