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My name is Ed Reid and I am a composer, arranger, music publisher and music historian responsible for bringing you the Weekly Music Commentary. I decided to launch the weekly music blog in 2010 to present a fresh look at modern popular music for readers of all ages. The Weekly Music Commentary is an intelligent way to view popular musicians and the things that help or hinder them in their creative process. Weekly Music Commentary also examines the social components that affect the music written and performed, and how we hear and interpret it. The site has a continuous news ticker which provides up-to-date reports about popular musicians, as well as a page dedicated to music industry news. Also, if you would like to buy music from many of today’s artists, feel free to visit our music store. You will find popular music from all genres. I would love to hear from you if you have feedback about a particular post, or if you have questions about Weekly Music Commentary. Each Sunday evening one feature highlights a different artist. Enjoy the Weekly Music Commentary!