This Is Tink!

At last! Finally! Those are the words I uttered as this week approached. I have watched my calendar for weeks and now I would work on a post I’ve anticipated for a while. This week I am featuring Chicago rapper and singer/songwriter Tink. I have followed her young career for a couple of years, realizingRead More

Welcome Back Jill Scott!

Five years ago, I took advantage of an opportunity to feature great neo-soul artist Jill Scott. She was making a concert appearance here in South Florida that created a lot of excitement. March is the month that marks the annual Jazz in the Gardens event. It is a festival that features the best in today’sRead More

Davido Music Worldwide

How many of you reading this post remember world-famous Spanish singer Julio Iglesias? In 1983, he was the most recorded artist in more languages in the world, and in 2013 as the Latin artist who has sold the most records in history. He is recognized as the most successful European commercial singer in the world.Read More