Image Is Everything

image is everything
The Bash Dogs

If you speak with anyone involved in marketing, they will normally tell you the most important thing in sales is image. No, not just the way the item is presented, but also the appearance of the presenter. Visual presentations are so important because most of us form an opinion of who or what we see in a matter of seconds. Today, the music business is now one that relies heavily upon image and presentation. Some will argue that this has always been the case. The recording artists that gave poor live performances would not last long. I wholeheartedly agree with such ideas, However, today the image portrayed via video has become essential to the career of the modern artists. Our featured artists for this week prove the importance of the music video. This week we look at the rock group, The Bash Dogs.

I do understand that many readers may not recognize the band as one of the internationally known groups like Green Day (featured just two weeks ago). As you might also understand, that does not measure their talent level. Or their appeal to a fan base. Hailing from Orange County, The Bash Dogs have stuck true to their roots of rock n roll ever since their 5th grade talent show. The musical image they portray remains consistent even today through their music videos.

This power trio consists of half Korean brothers Nate (guitar and lead vocals) and Jeremy Barrett (drums), and groove master Nathan Schmok (bass and backup vocals). Growing up on the legendary classics: Zeppelin, The Doors, Hendrix, and The Beatles, The Bash Dogs have been able to produce a sound just as classic, infectious, and memorable. A few months ago I was introduced to the band by way of their video for the single, “She’s Got a Gun”. My first time seeing or hearing The Bash Dogs and yes, image was extremely important. That music video must hold your attention for more than a few seconds. It did, and now you are reading about the band.

Of course, like most of you I needed to know a little more about The Bash Dogs before forming a complete opinion about them and their music. Therefore, I sought out more of their music. I found the EP by the name of the title track, She’s Got A Gun. Seven songs that work together to provide listeners with an understanding of the sound the band is working to achieve. I’m sure if you speak with any of The Bash Dogs fans, they will readily express appreciation for all of their music. That video though, is the way they can and will expand their fan base. That video image, is an important but effective introduction.

After viewing the video, and listening to the EP, I was reminded of my start working with music magazines and newsletters. I’ve written about my background a few times, but not too much about the transition period from musician to working for music periodicals. It was the early 1990’s and I was being introduced to musicians of various genres. I fondly remember the many bands of hard-working musicians. They all possessed a certain passion, a dedication to their craft. Those that shared an artistic ideology had a better chance of success. Of course, talent level and commitment marked the differences between each band, but they all had a certain similarity that could not be missed. I had that feeling while listening to The Bash Dogs.

Image has proved to be of utmost importance for all bands. You might think the music comes first, and that is true. However, you must be able to let people know the talent is there. Without portraying a good image, it’s like speaking to yourself.

The Bash Dogs have essentially found that important way to make us take notice and listen to their song. The press release explains perfectly the video idea, and what the image should move the audience to do. “This artistically constructed music video for the gut-busting song pushes the limits of rock videos with its dark, edgy tone. The combination of simple lyrics and mysterious scenes gives a chance for the audience to interpret their own message, whether it be feminism, the conquering of evil, or any other inspired theme the viewer might discover. The Bash Dogs created this enchanting video to open up the creativity of the audience.”

Is the video unusual? Absolutely! This is what most artists can only hope to accomplish. Create an image that speaks to the audience and makes them listen to the song. The Bash Dogs have successfully achieved that goal for the song “She’s Got a Gun”. Now the rest is up to them. They seem to be up to the task.

The Bash Dogs are proud to have played at The Honda Center, The Roxy Theatre (SOLD OUT), Observatory (SOLD OUT), House of Blues, and to be titled as KROQ Battle of the Bands 1st Place Winners. The band’s most memorable times include: touring colleges in Colorado, Northern and Southern California, playing the LA KISS Game at the Honda Center, performing with some of their own favorite bands, and of course getting rowdy with the loyal fans. The Bash Dogs are a throwback to the days of just good old rock and roll music. They just keep coming at you with more rockin’ songs.

Therefore we must conclude that image is at least important. The music video is a must in today’s crowded musical market. Artists must do things to mark a difference from others. For The Bash Dogs and their music, image is everything.

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