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April 21, 2013 was the date I published a post featuring a young Nigerian entertainer named Tiwa Savage. Of course, if you live close to West Africa you are probably very familiar with Tiwa Savage. If not, click on this link to read the post I mentioned above. When I published the feature about Savage, I figured one day I would take advantage of another opportunity to feature another artist from the African continent. This week, I followed through. Not only did I choose to feature another African artist, but I chose one from the very same record company as Tiwa Savage, Mavin Records.

Mavin Records is a revamped Nigerian-based record label founded by recording artist and record producer Don Jazzy on May 8, 2012. According to Bellanaija, the term “Mavin” describes someone who is gifted and skilled in any field. Upon establishing the rebranded record label, Don Jazzy said he sees Mavin Records being the power house of Music in Africa in the shortest possible time. After re-branding Mo’ Hits to Mavin, Don Jazzy signed Nigerian recording artist Tiwa Savage, thus Savage is now referred to as the “first lady of Mavin.” Another young lady has joined Mavin Records, and she appears to have a very promising future. Therefore, this week I am featuring young powerhouse entertainer Di’Ja.

Hadiza Bell, better known by her stage name Di’Ja, is recognized a little more at this stage of her career because she got an earlier start in 2008. Di’Ja has lived in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, the United States and Canada. Her mother is from Northern Nigeria and her father is from Sierra Leone. At a young age, Di’Ja committed herself to academia and earned a double degree in Biology and Psychology. After earning the aforementioned degrees, Di’Ja became passionate about music, art and philosophy. As an adult she has acquired several job titles which include visual artist, fashion designer and songwriter. However, her music career got off to a great start. In 2009, she released her first single “Rock Steady” which was nominated for Best Urban/R&B Single at the 2009 Canadian Radio Music Awards. Moreover, she won the Best New Artist award at the 2008 Beat Music Awards. In 2012, Di’Ja released several singles including “Dan’Iska (Rudebwoy)”, “Hold On (Ba Damuwa)” and “How Can We Be Friends”. However, in 2014 big changes would be in order for Di’Ja, as she was nominated as the Nigerian Entertainment Awards Most Promising Act to Watch.

Nigeria music fans would get a full dose of Di’Ja, as she signed to Mavin Records and immediately went to work and started making music. She appeared to be a major star in the making. I listened to her music before Mavin Records, and then the singles since joining Don Jazzy’s label. Certainly, Di’Ja is capable of delivering a musically diverse library. I’m sure that Don Jazzy will showcase all that Di’Ja can deliver. As with the other Mavin artists, Di’Ja’s early music with Don Jazzy possesses a signature Nigerian sound. I admired that trait when featuring Tiwa Savage, and I appreciate the focus with Di’Ja as well.

Will the promise of great musical works come to be? As with any artist that flashes talent early in a career, that is the multi-million dollar question. Success has come for Tiwa Savage, as she has recorded much hit music and even made an American performance on BET. Mavin Records has grown quite well and has lived up to the “Supreme Mavin Dynasty” title. It’s not unconceivable that Di’Ja will also find her audience of fans widening a bit. The question remains how far will her fame rise?

I believe that Di’Ja will become a big star, possibly Mavin’s top star in time! She is very beautiful, (remember she is also a model) and has great vocal and dancing abilities. Di’Ja is also very intelligent; her educational background along with her comportment in interviews are both evidence of this fact. Di’Ja also possesses a great sense of humor, another factor that will make fans truly like her.

With all of those factors working in her favor, the time will come soon for the promise shown today to grow to real accomplishments. I believe that time is definitely around the corner for Di’Ja. I notice many of the comments about Di’Ja and her music are positive. She also seems to attract an equal ratio of male to female fans. Another factor that should work in Di’Ja’s favor as her fan base grows. With her international beginnings, she should continue to grow in fame worldwide.

I encourage all of you readers not to sleep on Di’Ja. Look at her videos and listen to her singles. She has more music to deliver and early promise should grow to later success. Get ready for a special storm coming from West Africa.

* photo credit: Mavin Obi Somto Photography
This post that marks the end of the year 2015 will also mark the beginning of a month-long hiatus for Weekly Music Commentary. Growth in readership and the need to supply better content for new readers has brought about the need to make changes to the website. Of course, I have made many small aesthetic changes along the way, but now it is time to make more meaningful changes as well as change social media presence. I hope to actually experience a few days to a week of complete down time, but hopefully will be back up and running to at least read older posts within the new format soon into 2016. February 7, 2016 should mark the first new feature of the year. Please continue to read Weekly Music Commentary and I’ll see everybody next year.


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