A Quiet Place

Miranda Lambert

As I sit writing this week’s post I am truly relishing my quiet surroundings. Most of us long for those moments when we can be alone and enjoy peace and quiet. My wife says that I enjoy alone time more than the average person, and I tend to agree. However, the normal person also looks forward to those social moments when we interact with other people. Sometimes family members, sometimes friends and associates, whatever the case we long to be surrounded by other human beings. On the other end of the spectrum are those who enjoy moments in the spotlight. Entertainers usually are in this category as our featured artist this week Miranda Lambert. Nevertheless, even though entertainers enjoy performing in front of thousands of people at a time, there are still times that they do enjoy being in a quiet place. In Lambert’s case, she finds quiet times in her home of Tishomingo, Oklahoma, the county seat of Johnston County, Oklahoma with a population a little over 3,000.

When you really think about it, we are not that different from superstar artists when we also seek quiet times. The thirty year old 2014 Country Music Entertainer of the Year is certainly at the top of the industry.  Since her start well over ten years ago, Lambert has steadily climbed to the top of the charts with songs that touch the hearts of her ever growing fan base.

Born November 10, 1983, Miranda Lambert was raised in Lindale, Texas by private investigator parents. While still in high school, Lambert made her professional singing debut with “The Texas Pride Band.” In 2003 she auditioned for the talent competition Nashville Star, where she earned a third-place finish. As a result of her showing in the competition, she signed with Epic Records. Her debut single, “Me and Charlie Talking” (co-written by her father and Heather Little), was released in summer of 2004 as the lead-off single to her debut album. Titled Kerosene, Lambert’s first album comprised twelve songs, eleven of which she co-wrote. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard Top Country Albums charts, and eventually gained a Platinum certification by the RIAA for shipments of over one million copies.

In preparation for this post, I listened to a lot of Miranda Lambert’s music again. Even though I was very familiar with her music, I wanted to acquire a better understanding of the content her songs. An interview with CBS Sunday Morning earlier this month opened my eyes to Miranda Lambert the person. One thing she mentioned as she explained a tattoo on her arm of two guns with wings was that the tattoo was a description of her personality; a little tough and a little tender. This explained her appeal to her fans. Lambert as a young star had the persona of a rock star at times, but appeared just tender enough to appeal to the older country music audience. Of course, overall changes in country music were occurring simultaneously with Miranda Lambert’s debut and rise up the charts. With artists like Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood and Lambert emerging, country music is as big as ever.

Going back to Lambert’s songwriting, she explained why her earlier material had such a harder edge than most country music. In the Sunday morning interview, Miranda Lambert told of her childhood with private investigator parents as a big songwriting influence. She stated that she saw a lot of domestic violence victims, which affected her sensibilities and provided fuel for songs that gave voice and empowered the victims.

Things are changing for Miranda Lambert as she crossed a life milestone in turning thirty years old. In addition she has gained a different viewpoint of life. Lambert is now married to fellow country music star Blake Shelton, and well into her music and songwriting career. In fact, earlier this month Lambert released her fifth studio album Platinum. As I listened I knew right away it would be special. In fact, Platinum opened its first week as number one on the Billboard 200 Album chart.  The music critics enjoyed the album as well. At Rolling Stone, Will Hermes rated the album four stars out of five, remarking how the album gives evidence to Lambert’s climb to the top ranks of country music’s echelon “by singing top-shelf songs in the voice of a woman getting real.” In addition, Hermes compared listening to Lambert’s music as “eavesdropping in a hair salon.” Alex Macpherson of The Guardian rated the album four stars out of five, stating how the release shows an artist “swaggering righteously like the Partonesque country superstar [that] she is”, and according to him Lambert “isn’t done rebelling.” What this means is Miranda Lambert’s name will be a part of more households, and she and husband Blake Shelton will be targeted much more in the tabloids. Lookout folks!

As her moments in the limelight increase, I’m sure Miranda Lambert will enjoy her quiet moments; most likely in a quiet place like her home in Tishomingo. It really seems like a great contrast to the glamorous and very busy world of country music stardom.

14 thoughts on “A Quiet Place

  1. Hey Ed thanks for the post, interesting how her parents' work actually fuelled her own career and stimulated her writing. I also like the way you started your post with the focus on human interactions which was my post for the week as well. Great minds they say….yeaaa.

  2. I'm not a country fan, but I can understand why so many people love it, and especially nowadays when genres are being cross-over genres with others. The same is true of literature. And when you think about it, music can be considered literature, too, as it is a form of poetry.

    Nice to meet you, too, by the way. I found you via BHB on LinkedIn!

    One final thing, too, is that many celebs have good looks, and with hers, Miranda is sure to win many hearts/fans/followers! 😉

  3. I'm not a big country music fan but was very happy to read your post. I enjoyed reading about your preparation for undertaking this post through getting to know Lambert through her music. Well done.

  4. I have watched Miranda grow. When I first heard the song "The House That Built Me" it was instant love for me. I am glad you wrote this post as I didn't know much about their background. I give Miranda and Blake both credit for moving into a small town.

  5. Hello Edward. Thank you so much for introducing me to Miranda Lambert. I had not heard about her as I tend to listen to a lot of the Indian songs coming out of Bollywood movies. I will listen to her music on Youtube.

  6. Hi Edward – once again, thanks for the introduction. I must ask my husband about her since he's a huge country western fan. I really appreciate the background you provide on these artists – makes them seem more real somehow.

  7. Country is the genre I seek out less often than most, so I only know her name and not any of her songs. When I do listen to country, it's the old school stuff 🙂

  8. Hi Edward,

    I think Miranda will be around for a long time. She doesn't belt out her tunes and then take time off to recover her voice. I don't believe what tabloids say. They're simply in business to sell gossip. Who can blame anyone in the music industry for having their own quiet place? Everyone needs a place to call their own.

    Kind Regards,

  9. Not too much of a departure, really. I have been to some vastly different musical places over the years and country music is not foreign ground. Yes, Miranda Lambert is terrific and her new album Platinum, may be considered one of the all time great albums in time.

  10. Hi Edward, a bit of a departure from your usual featured artists but there is no denying Miranda is a star. She reminds me of a Bobby Gentry or a female Kenny Rogers; incredible stories told to great musical backdrop.

  11. Hi Edward, I'd never heard of Miranda Lambert before so thank you for the introduction. What an interesting video, set in an attic with flashbacks to other times. Fitting, considering that she recalls past times when life wasn't lived so "automatically." You wrote a letter on a piece of paper, put it in a stamped envelope and mailed it. Then a few days later the letter would be delivered. A little different from today's email or text messages!

    You mention a critic comparing Lambert's songs as "eavesdropping in a hair salon." Yes, real and a little down-homesy! 😉

    I must admit, I was looking for the tattoo of two guns
    with wings! Thanks again for your post, Edward.

  12. Thanks so much for introducing me to Miranda. I love country music, but am lazy when it comes to seeking out more contemporary artists. (I do love the tv show "Nashville" though with all the elements of a "soap" and the music. Quiet times are really important and must be real hard to come by as a musician or any famous person for that matter. I liked your take on the post. Thanks.

  13. I love her and always have! This was a great insightful post…I appreciate knowing the many things that continue to influence her style. Thanks:)

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