100 Great Memories and More!

Fantastic! That’s the best word I could find to describe the feeling now that I have reached 100 commentaries. When I reflect on how I started with Weekly Music Commentary, I had no clue this day would come. Let me rephrase that statement: I didn’t really think about a day when I reached 100 entries. I definitely understood what I wanted to do with the blog. I even made a conscious effort to define Weekly Music Commentary and set parameters and follow them carefully. However, as most bloggers will tell you the hardest part is staying consistent. The commentary was “weekly” by description but I had trouble initially making sure it published each week. I needed to re-commit to the mission at hand and make sure my audience could depend upon a new commentary publishing each week.

My new commitment leads to a growth in my audience of readers whom I found literally all around the world. I learned through my publishing background how important it is to provide for your readers. All of you are truly the lifeblood of the Weekly Music Commentary and I hold you all in high regard. I constantly try to feature artists whom I believe you will find interesting. I diligently search for events that you may find compelling. You and I have traveled this road together and now we stand at 100 features. I promise you there will be more – and they will be better. You might ask how I can make such a promise. I can make the promise to improve because of my experience writing commentaries. I am much more accomplished at 100 blog posts than I was at the beginning. The magic of analytics and your comments have told me what needs to happen next and more and more of you are joining us every Sunday, and that helps me to find out what you like – or not.

As I have spoken with a few of you the questions arise about my personal workload in putting together weekly commentaries. You must understand that Weekly Music Commentary is personal and I really enjoy each of the features. If I didn’t like each post, then the work would be tedious for sure. I view the commentary as a conversation with you. I’m just stating my musical opinion of which you may or may not agree. You are also free to state your opinion. For now I would like for all of you to do just a couple of easy things for me. First, I invite you to go back through the archived posts and read some of the older commentaries. If you do this you will find more features about some of your favorite artists and learn about some you may not know. Second, tell a friend or two about the Weekly Music Commentary. Just give them the web address and let them take a look at what’s going on. Third, feel free to contact me or comment on a commentary. Positive or negative, it does not matter as long as you state your opinion.

I have some wonderful memories of the past 100 commentaries, and I recently went back and read some of the much older posts. Through the Weekly Music Commentary I have discovered some great new artists and a lot of extraordinary music. If you follow future features and read past posts, you also can discover some very good music and may even find some new favorites.  And so I sincerely thank you all and hope you continue to join me every Sunday evening for a new feature in the Weekly Music Commentary.

7 thoughts on “100 Great Memories and More!

  1. Congrats Edward, on having reached this milestone. Happy blogging. It is always nice to combine your passion with blogging and sharing it with the world.

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