Oh Yes, You Did it Right!

Michael V Doane

Since the start of the Weekly Music Commentary, I committed myself to just a few rules. One rule was to write a commentary once a week. As time went on, three times I found there was a need to break the rule and actually write two commentaries within a week. Once, with the death of Donna Summer I felt a need to speak about her life and career. The second time I wrote an additional post was a story about The Beatles musical impact on civil rights worldwide. This week I prepared an additional post because I simply like the music of two separate entertainers. I thought for a moment about combining the two artists’ stories into one commentary. After careful thought, I decided that would be a disservice to both of them. Therefore, one post is about Tess Henley, and the one you are reading now is all about Michael V. Doane.

Some of you reading this post may not be familiar with Michael, and some may know him for reasons other than recorded music. This is because Michael V. Doane truly wears several hats within the entertainment business. On his website, he wears the titles of writer, composer, singer, director, and theatre veteran. He has performed in various concert venues, regional theatres, National and European tours, and productions on and off-Broadway. He has accomplished so much that I will just give you a link to his website and let you read for yourselves all the various projects in which he has been involved.

As I stated originally, Michael V. Doane wears many hats in the business today. Just reading all the projects Michael is currently working on makes me wonder when he has time to sleep and eat. Mr. Doane recently completed final edits to MADAME MANHATTAN, a television pilot he wrote, produced and directed, while continuing work on a musical for the stage he conceptualized titled SOUL KITCHEN. Later this winter, he will begin shooting his first feature, MRS. FOSTER, based on his original screenplay about a religious spinster living in rural Maine. Between all of those major projects, Michael V. Doane just happened to release an album “Little Kid”, September 8. One more thing; the album contains very good music. The first track, “We did it Right”, caught my attention right away. I included the video in order for all of you to see and hear Michael V. Doane at work. The music, production level, and presentation all speak loudly and say Michael V. Doane is not a newcomer. Once I heard “We did if Right” I immediately purchased and downloaded the entire album. I urge all of you reading this blog you will not be disappointed if you follow suit and buy “Little Kid”.  “We did it Right” is very easy to describe as pure funk. I have been an avid fan of funk music since my teenage years (Cameo is one of my favorite groups) and Michael V. Doane’s first song of the album is refreshing.

As I listened to the other tracks on the album, I found that “Little Kid” was more than just good songs compiled onto one disc. Michael V. Doane carefully constructed an album with songs that fit an overall theme. “Little Kid” is like the great old albums of music of the past, when the lyrics told a story that all could follow.  I really would love to see this album gain much critical and popular acclaim, enabling listeners to hear something very special. All of you readers looking for new music, do it right and buy Michael V. Doane’s “Little Kid”.

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