From Stage, to Recording Artist and back Again!

Heather Headley

All entertainers who are at the top of their field are very busy today.  The reality of our time is there are many talented artists with huge promotional teams who make sure you and I notice, and buy their music. The advances of technology have made the entire world very small, which means when promoting any artist today one must think globally. The internet makes music very accessible to all corners of the world, which creates additional performance avenues. That is why an artist such as Heather Headley can start out as a brilliant Broadway performer, and then moves to successfully recording and selling contemporary R & B music. After releasing two gold R & B albums and one Grammy award-winning gospel album, last week Headley released another album entitled, “Only One in the World“. The difference this time is she is also about to star in the musical “The Bodyguard”, opening in London at the Adelphi Theater this fall.

This is the same story as “The Bodyguard” movie starring Whitney Houston, which produced an album that I feel, changed the standard for female vocalists.  Nevertheless, the interesting fact is that Headley is making a return to the stage while tackling the music of legendary icon Whitney Houston.  The reason I use the word “tackling” is that I am sure many critics will decide long before Headley takes the stage or sings the first note that she falls short of Houston’s performance. Perhaps, but I would rather give her the benefit of the doubt. Besides, I believe she is not trying to better Houston’s performance but rather display Heather Headley’s vocal ability and style. Never forget that Headley is a veteran Broadway performer and by bringing “The Bodyguard” to the stage plants it firmly in her own comfortable surroundings. Therefore, much of the opinions must be reserved until after viewing the stage performance and not comparing it to the movie. If you are familiar with Heather Headley’s work on the stage, I am sure you will expect nothing short of great performances.

After listening to the album “Only One in the World”, I must tell you I really enjoyed all songs from start to finish. The album contains a little taste of “The Bodyguard”, new material and covers of some familiar songs previously recorded. The arrangements are large orchestral offerings really complementing Headley’s resounding voice. Yes, Heather Headley has been very busy lately, and it looks like she will be busy working on stage again and maybe promoting her album via concert performances. Regardless, do not miss hearing one of the great vocal talents of our time.

6 thoughts on “From Stage, to Recording Artist and back Again!

  1. while the internet has certainly made music more accessible, it has also brought on waves of junk that in the past would've been filtered out (through inability to afford a recording, major label/radio bias, etc.). in the case of ms. headley, it's clear that talent is still the driving force behind what makes her shine.

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