Nothing Real But Talent!

Rebecca Ferguson

This has been a huge week in sports with the Olympics taking place in London. Several young athletes have become household names as they have excelled after training for years without a lot of notice…until now. Gabby Douglas and Missy Franklin are teenagers who seem to have more Olympic games ahead of them bringing an incredible amount of notoriety. These athletes are not the only ones to gain popularity from the London games. In fact, several folks are benefiting without breaking a sweat. The July 1, 2012 post featured Emeli Sande`, a young singing sensation from Scotland who performed during the Olympic opening ceremony. In addition breakout group One Direction performed at an Olympic event as did our featured artist this week: Rebecca Ferguson.  We are currently experiencing a major influx of talent from the UK thanks in part to The X Factor UK version. Cher Lloyd, One Direction, and Ferguson all were contestants season 7; none were winners but all three are enjoying major worldwide success. Rebecca Ferguson compares favorable to most of the young talented artists’ of our time as an accomplished vocalist as well as songwriter. When you hear her sing many will be reminded of Aretha Franklin and Macy Gray. The twenty-six year old performer definitely stands out among the great number of young singer/songwriters who have hit the music scene with great force.  If the Olympic stage is the race that brings notice from the rest of the world and most definitely the US, then The X Factor must be the starting gate. Why? It could be the show’s format. However, after eight seasons contestants have hit and missed much like their cousins American Idol and X Factor US. Maybe the seventh season just had a better draw of talented musicians. Perhaps with the right exposure talented singers will find success more times than not. As we watch the career of Rebecca Ferguson blossom, we can be thankful she is receiving the opportunity to showcase her unique voice. The Olympics, X Factor and any additional stages will only bring her to prominence even here in the US.  There have been obstacles along the way, like a broken leg earlier in the year. Ferguson still performed while sitting on a stool, revealing a commitment like many of the performers of the past. She also revealed she would be taking her management team to court stating that they made her work until she collapsed. Nevertheless, this young vocalist has been introduced to an American audience who seem to be waiting on her. I know I feel like I cannot wait for more songs from her. One statement is true: Rebecca Ferguson is a very real talent!

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