One More Poised for Greatness!

Emeli Sande’

Musicians make it to the top of the industry from a variety of backgrounds. Some come from affluent families and others from poverty. Some come from very stable households while others from single parent families or even foster homes. Whatever the case we usually hear their experiences played out in their music. Diversity overall gives us interesting variety in people. It makes the world go around. All experiences whether in childhood or as an adult help to shape personalities and overall work ethic. I remember one of my managers at a previous media company where I worked was known for hiring people with little media experience. The manager had the idea to hire persons with desired personality traits more than work experience. The strategy paid off with a successful yet diverse department. Of course, the music industry is different than media. Nevertheless, the concept of life experience preparing persons for what lies ahead applies in any industry including music. Such is the case with newcomer Emeli Sande’ who is making folks take notice of her voice. The twenty-five year old singer born to a Zambian father and English mother was raised in Scotland and studied medicine at the University of Glasgow stopping in her fourth year. She stated that education was important to her and that if her music career failed she would have something to fall back on. Medicine and music are industries far apart yet her medical background has helped to shape Emeli Sande’s songs. (Notice the video of the song “My Kind of Love” below} Her music career is coming along just fine, as she has written songs for many other singers. Emeli has also caught the attention of Simon Cowell as he calls Sande his “favorite songwriter of the minute”.  I’ve read many reviews of her music and she is compared to various artists. What seems to set her apart from others is her songwriting. In fact, she is compared much with singer Adele. This fact is easy to understand because they are both young artists coming from the UK. They even share names as Emeli Sande’s first name is Adele which she dropped due to Adele’s success. Emeli Sande’ is becoming known for her own music and making a lot of new fans in the UK and the US. I encourage you to give her album “Our Version of Events” a listen and look out for her performances. There are several young singer/songwriters making their way from the UK to the rest of the world. Emeli Sande’ seems to be another one poised for greatness!

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