Alicia Keys Helps Children Stay Alive

Alicia Keys

There is nothing more rewarding than helping the less fortunate. Many musicians give of their time and resources to reach out and help those feeling the pain from health and disaster related problems. One of the leaders in such efforts is Alicia Keys.  On Twitter she describes herself as a light bearer, and no truer words have been spoken. Alicia Keys is an entertainer widely known for her philanthropic efforts throughout the world. Even more, Keys as co-founder and Global Ambassador gives most of her energy to the initiative “Keep a Child Alive”.  KCA brings attention to the 30 million people who have already died of AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa and the millions more who are threatened and orphaned by the disease.  KCA also provides AIDS care, treatment, surrounding support and food for children and families affected by HIV/AIDS throughout Africa and India. Earlier this month the “Keep a Child Alive” 8th annual Black Ball was held in New York City to raise more money and awareness to the plight of children affected by AIDS. Oh yes, Keys was in attendance and performed as well. With all the work Alicia Keys does with “Keep a Child Alive” you would think that she is not busy with music. Alicia Keys is producing and has composed the original music for the stage play, “Stick Fly” opening December 8th.  Keys is doing all of this with a young child of her own to raise.  With such a full plate, why does Alicia Keys help raise money for “Keep a Child Alive“? Maybe because she has a large heart and truly cares.  If you’re like me, after hearing everything that Alicia Keys is doing, you must have more respect for her not only as an entertainer, but also as a humanitarian. Alicia, keep up the good work and we can’t wait for the next album.

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