A Musical Marriage that Worked Well

Daryl Hall and John Oates

Partnerships are almost like marriages in a couple of ways. Both can be wonderful when they work, and horrible when they don’t. Partnerships can last a long time and like some marriages run their course and end amicably, or not. I’ve had two good music and business partnerships that were successful and ended naturally because both parties just naturally moved on. We are still very much friends, but really not able to work together musically or as a business partnership anymore. But one partnership that has lasted over 40 years has been Hall and Oates. The duo has continued to provide us with good music and good shows. They are on their way to South Florida and ready to take the stage once more. I just love the story of how Daryl Hall and John Oates met in Philadelphia. Both were performing with their own bands in a competition at the Adelphi Ballroom in Philadelphia. Gunfire rang out from two rival gangs and both Hall and Oates ran and hid in the same service elevator. There they found out they both had similar musical goals and were even scheduled to attend Temple University that fall. From that service elevator one of the most successful acts in music history was born. However, the duo didn’t start to work together for another two years after that meeting as Oates had an extended stay in Europe. After signing with Atlantic Records their first albums found them struggling to define their sound. Not until the duo left Atlantic for RCA Records did they find critical success and their first big hit “Sara Smile”. Hall and Oates exhibited a legitimate “Philly” soul-oriented sound and a fan base that certainly could follow for years to come. Still performing, this musical marriage has stood the test of time and fame when others have gone by the wayside. I know I’m not alone in my happiness that they have continually given us great music through the years.

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