We’ll miss you Vesta!

Vesta Williams

Another week has past and another tragic death has occurred in the music industry. Vesta Williams died September 22 of what appears to be a drug overdose. (I will not discuss her cause of death at this time because the investigation is ongoing)  Vesta had what I would call a very nice musical and acting career although very much an underrated talent. She never had a song or album in the Pop Top 40, but she had several R & B Top 10 songs. Vesta possessed a singing voice that was, for lack of a more definitive word, “special“.  I have heard some compare her to Chaka Khan, but of course, Vesta had her own unique flair. Those of us familiar with her music knew of her vocal power and versatility.  This might be the reason throughout the internet you will find many notes of appreciation and love for her all her performances both live and recorded.  It was those notes and kind words from so many that really moved me to assign the additional blog entry this week. In addition, if you ever watched or listened to her being interviewed, you saw and heard a very pleasant, witty, fun-loving person who enjoyed entertaining and life. Her weight gain was at one time an issue for her, but she conquered it by losing 100 pounds in order to get another record deal. Through it all, she continued to display the same enjoyable personality as always. Even without much critical acclaim, it seems Vesta Williams garnered a large fan base. Nevertheless, we have lost another treasured performer much too soon.  As with all great artists, we continue to enjoy their creation long after they are gone. Please, enjoy one of her songs and video below.

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