A path of his own

Deniece Williams

When I started this blog I knew that one day I would get an opportunity to write about my favorite female vocalist: Deniece Williams. The reason I chose to discuss her this week is not because of recent events involving her. But this week’s entry has more to do with her son, singer/rapper E.Q (Forrest West). He has a new release called “Cali Life” and video to promote his song. Deniece sent out a short message that was filled with pride as she talked about her son’s recent accomplishment.  It’s great he wants to follow his mom into the music industry. It was similar for me growing up with my jazz musician father. My mother tells a story of a time when as a baby I started to walk because I heard my father playing his trumpet in another room. It probably was much the same for E.Q who grew up listening to his mother sing around the house. Even with the early influence of a musician parent, children must ultimately follow their own musical path. To illustrate: my father played jazz trumpet and I eventually played in my college jazz band. But it was the music arranging and writing that sparked my interest. Also, I chose R & B as my genre for work. E.Q is doing things differently as well; performing more in the Hip Hop arena and not R & B like his mom. Nevertheless, Deniece Williams is very proud of her son like any parent would be of a child following their musical footsteps. So Deniece, we’ll watch with you and hope your son has a good career and more importantly; we hope he continues to follow his own path. I hope all of my readers will enjoy E.Q’s video attached below.

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