Kids know good music too

Marsha Ambrosius

A few years ago I was working on the computer at home and wanted to listen to some music as I worked. I looked on the library on the hard drive and found an album my oldest daughter downloaded by the group Floetry. The title song “Floetic” had extensive airplay so I was aware of the group but I was not really impressed. The song was okay but nothing special I thought. Then I started to listen to the entire album. I really liked the concept. Natalie Stewart was the “Floetress” and Marcia Ambrosius the “Songstress” gave us a well-produced album of music that was very, very good. However, after only one more album the duo broke up and went there separate ways. Now several years later, Marsha Ambrosius has released a solo album entitled “Late Nights, Early Mornings” and it is also very good. Originally from Liverpool (yes, just like the Beatles) and now residing in the U.S., Ambrosius is a veteran songwriter and producer as well as songstress. What separates her from so many young artists’ today is at age 34, she is a well-seasoned musician. When you listen to her album you hear a vocalist and songwriter who is not experimenting but singing the way she wants to sing.  It makes me wonder when or if she will give us a follow-up album. Or will she be content to write and produce music. We will keep an eye on her solo career and see what the future holds. Anyway, I learned my lesson while listening to Floetry. My kids can hear good musical ideas just like anyone else.

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