20 years of music from the Mint Factory

Yes, Mint Condition is now celebrating their twentieth year as a band. They are doing it with style after releasing their latest album “7”, named because this is the groups’ seventh studio album. Some of you may not be familiar with Mint Condition so I did something different this week by attaching a video of one of their hits so you can see and hear them. I have been following their journey for twenty years and I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. But it’s wonderful to see Mint Condition still creating music together. Mint Condition is a true throwback band, the way R & B bands were structured in the past. Thinking back to groups like: Maze, Commodores, Kool and the Gang, Ohio Players etc. But one band they truly remind me of is Earth, Wind & Fire. Both bands continue to produce music together for many years, have very talented instrumentalists’, and exhibit their own, distinct musical style. After seven studio albums you can hear Mint Condition music and identify them immediately. The time of instrumental R & B groups has passed but Mint Condition has figured out how to make it work today with style. And very much like Earth, Wind & Fire, Mint Condition’s music seems to have more critical acclaim than popularity. At least right now. Only time will tell if thirty years from now we are still hearing their music and singing along. Very possible. However, for now we celebrate with you guys: Stokely, Larry, Odell, Ricky and Jeffrey. Keep doing your thing. And please keep the Mint Factory open for business for another twenty years.

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