Who Runs The World…..Girls!

I love it! There are many very good female singers giving us great music. Just to mention a few I have been listening to recently: Jennifer Hudson, Jazmine Sullivan, Ledisi, Monica, Chrisette Michele and many more. They all seem to have different styles that make for a true variety for our listening pleasure. However, I did listen to one album with a more critical ear because much has been written in expectation. Yes, I took a good listen to Beyonce’s latest album “4”. I did write about Beyonce after she won the record six Grammy Awards, and I wrote about some negative perceptions of her work. Even with all the great young female artists ‘in the news today, I felt I should write about Beyonce because of even more negative stories about her work. Well, upon listening to “4” I found it very good. It possessed balance between ballads, mid-tempo and Beyonce’s own style of danceable material. “4” seems to be a good listening album, with fewer songs than “Sasha Fierce”, but filled with material that may help her reach some older listeners. Nevertheless, what I found interesting was some of the pre-release buzz that the album might fail. I felt some of the “buzz” possessed a “wish to fail” sentiment. I did not particularly like Beyonce’s solo albums before “Sasha Fierce”, but I still respected her as an entertainer and knew while she was still in her early twenties, more mature material was coming. I do not wish failure upon any artist. The fact remains that Beyonce has many more fans than persons that do not like work. Will her fan base grow, or will the “haters” win out and make her a has-been? We will not have an answer for probably another 20 years. We will see!

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