Takin’ it to the Street

Last week I reviewed concert footage of the Doobie Brothers’ farewell concert in preparation for this weeks’ blog. At the time of that concert, I thought that the Doobie Brothers were one of the best musical groups of all time. Though my statement may be perceived as provocative, remember that I used the qualifying words, “one of” in my description of the Doobies talent level. Over the years I found that the Doobie Brothers fan base is quite divided. On one hand many like the group without Michael McDonald. While others, myself included, prefer the Michael McDonald years. It’s not that I dislike the group without McDonald. In fact, some of their best music: “Long Train Running”, “China Grove”, came from that period of time. But I noticed here in Florida, there are a few more self-proclaimed “pure” rock fans who don’t appreciate McDonald’s R&B/gospel infusion. Pre-McDonald Doobie Brothers fans thought that McDonald took the group far away from their original sound. In any case commercially the experiment worked to provide very good concert ticket and record sales. “Minute by Minute” and “What a Fool Believes” propelled the group to a new level of fame. That fame, demands of touring and musical differences finally caused the premature end of another successful musical act that brought them to the farewell concert. So, we don’t have the Doobie Brothers actively recording today. Some of the members are still performing and providing good shows. But for me, it’s not the same as that group in 1982 that took the stage together for the last time. But we still have so much music for our listening enjoyment; with of without Michael McDonald. Enjoy!

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