What’s next?

Well, I’m back again for a while. I just took a short trip back to Chicago to do a little research for a book I’m writing. It was great to be back with family and friends. The city has changed even more and looks fantastic. I spent a great deal of time with my cousin’s husband, a bass player who played with my father for a while. My first evening in Chicago; I went with him to one of his current band’s rehearsal;I knew several of his bandmates and it was good to hear them play again. My being at this rehearsal was by design. You see, my cousin’s husband has been trying to get me to play trumpet again for some time. I admit I left the rehearsal thinking about playing again. But more interesting was a little trip we took a few days later. He took me to see Jodie Christian. You see Mr. Christian played with my father for many years and is known as one the best jazz pianist in the world. It was good to see him again and think about some of the good old days spent tagging along with he and my father and his youngest son. I was fascinated to see him working with some of the new music software. Of course, he asked me to look at one the programs he had not used, but of which I had a working knowledge. What an afternoon we had! That small visit with Mr. Christian worked to inspire me more than anything else.  This was a good trip back home.

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