Is This the End?

We’ll I took a week off and now I come back with another entry about American Idol. Oh-oh! This must be a slow music news week. Not really, but there is some interest as the season came to a close. Not because Lee Dewyze won but because Simon Cowell said his farewell. That leaves the big decision of who’s next to replace him. Let the games begin.

Interestingly there have not been many names tossed around. Mostly profiles of the next person’s personality and music credentials. So different than when Paula Abdul left and was eventually replaced by Ellen Degeneres. But I did hear one name being tossed into the Idol hat. Believe it or not Bret Michaels. It seems at the very least they are going to make sure to get someone with real music credentials, but I wonder if this is really what the show needs right now. Don’t get me wrong, he would be an excellent judge especially as the contestants seem to be moving toward more rock oriented genres. But we all need to remember who Simon Cowell was as an American Idol judge. He is an industry insider not a performer. More like Clive Davis than Jonathan Davis (Korn). You need that judge who will tell a singer he or she is good or no good and all can respect that decision. My knowledge of insiders is somewhat limited at this point in my musical life but I’ve given it a little thought. Maybe “Babyface” partner and current record company executive Antonio “L.A.” Reid would be a good choice. Sean “Diddy” Combs might be too high profile for the show but why not Jermaine Dupri? Still, any of these moves pushes the show toward more R & B/Hip Hop talent judges. The best choice might be someone who’s an industry insider, but not well known to the general public. Maybe I’m just another guy with an opinion. We’ll know for sure very soon.

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