The Art of the Interview

Two weeks ago we discussed the topic of Erykah Badu’s new video and public nudity, and mentioned if it was simply about promotion. I mentioned in that blog entry a previous discussion I had with a management company executive about control over an artist. The exec told me she really must have control over any interviews given to members of the press. Why? Because an artist’ image is the most important component of any successful entertainment career. That said I paid more than the usual attention to an interview with Carrie Underwood recently.

Carrie was asked various questions about her new album, the three CMT video award nominations, how quickly she has risen to the top of the country music royalty, and of course about her start on American Idol. The interview went well and Carrie displayed her very charming personality. As I looked and listened she came across as intelligent, young, humble, funny and cute. I think her interview reached the desired result. I’m sure her publicist and management team work extremely hard to make sure she continues to present this image. Here we see and hear the art of the interview. But there are instances where entertainers get into legal troubles. Sometimes minor infractions like the occasional fender bender or something with more weight like domestic problems or drug charges. At that point the management team works to suppress the story and/or lessen the blow of bad publicity. Interviewers worth their salt will always get around to asking questions about the artist’ particular infraction. Then the art of how the entertainer answers questions about regretful behavior becomes paramount. But for now Carrie Underwood does not have such problems to deal with. Hopefully she will continue to produce good music and keep away from legal incidents. So far, so good!

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