Music In Good Hands

Last week as I watched television a commercial for the insurance company Allstate appeared. There was that very familiar statement, “You’re in good hands with Allstate.” I’m sure all of you reading this post have heard those words thousands of times. It certainly brands Allstate as a reliable source for insurance. However, as I listenedRead More

Image Is Everything

If you speak with anyone involved in marketing, they will normally tell you the most important thing in sales is image. No, not just the way the item is presented, but also the appearance of the presenter. Visual presentations are so important because most of us form an opinion of who or what we seeRead More

Green Day Starts Revolution

The year was 1986 in East Bay, California USA. Two 14-year-old boys decided to start a band. Of course, this is not major music news. Around the world young boys and girls decide to form bands. They rarely stay together for thirty years. However, that’s exactly what happened to this week’s featured group Green Day.Read More