Cyndi’s Musical Detour

Cyndi lauper cr chapman baehler

I’m sure all of you have heard the saying, “time flies when you’re having fun.” However, even when experiencing adverse conditions, months and years rapidly move ahead. I can think back to 1983 and remember various events that left indelible marks upon my memory. While attending college, I can remember a young woman who burstRead More

Songwriting 101


For well over a year I have worked to schedule a post that featured singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran. Why? Perhaps it was because of the hit records he created almost from the start of his career. Maybe I was intrigued by his background and story of his rise toward success. Finally, Ed Sheeran received Grammy awardsRead More

No Place Like Home


Last year as I attended a baseball game here in Miami with friends, and there were thousands of people in attendance. The Chicago Cubs were playing, therefore there were many Cub fans in the crowd. I’m a Cub fan as well and we have a way of finding each other. When one of my friendsRead More

Hungry Like The Wolf


Over the past several weeks I have been extremely busy. I have endured family illness, and even my own bout with a nagging virus. However, I still found time to listen to music. It just seems as if music is a constant backdrop to all of our lives. Regardless of the problems that arise, orRead More

Plenty Of Horns

Tower of power

As this week moved along I had the pleasure of listening to many of the big hits of 70’s soul band Tower of Power. The group is marking their 48th anniversary in the music industry by doing what they do best: performing live. I certainly understand why so many fans still gravitate toward their music.Read More