Like Nothing Else

Several years ago I was being interviewed on a radio show about Weekly Music Commentary. The interviewer asked me if I am contacted by any of the artists that I eventually decide to feature. I answered that I indeed am contacted from time to time, usually by public relations representatives on behalf of their clients.Read More

Singer SZA In Ctrl

As I prepared for this week’s post, my thoughts turned to events several years ago. I was working for independent record companies who seemed to always be on the lookout for female vocalists. At one time I remember one company that worked with four that did not go well. Well, after a few years IRead More

Modern Times With Josh Doyle

Time brings changes to everything. Of course, daily life and the world political stage have proved to be volatile. That usually means that music and songs we hear will reflect the events surrounding us. In the 1960’s, most of the artists wrote and recorded songs protesting the Vietnam war. It was the biggest news itemRead More